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Study.com offers WEST practice tests to identify your areas of strength and weakness

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Add an additional edge to your WEST prep with our WEST practice tests! Developed by the educational experts at Study.com to give you an effective review of WEST-B or WEST-E/NES-aligned content, our practice tests make an excellent companion to our comprehensive WEST study guides. While assessing your knowledge and retention of the material, our practice tests are specially designed to give you a preview of the format and style of questions you'll actually see on a real WEST exam. It's that easy to see how Study.com can help you ace the WEST!

After completing your free practice test, you will instantly receive a detailed diagnosis of your performance, including feedback on your strongest knowledge areas, as well as your weaker points. Then, use these results as a foundation when you become a Study.com member and begin your test preparations with one of our WEST courses, which cover the WEST-B and several subject-based WEST-E/NES exams. Our prep courses are designed to keep you on top of your studies, with short and fun video lessons, plus quick quizzes that are easy to fit into any schedule. To add an additional layer of flexibility, our custom study schedules allow you to decide when and how you want to go through the course, from start to finish. Study.com also includes informative WEST resources designed to help you prepare for test day, from registration information to testing guidelines, accommodations and more.

When you become a member with Study.com, our full-length WEST-B and WEST-E/NES practice tests will also be at your fingertips! Gain unlimited 24/7 access to hundreds of questions that cover the content you need to know. For added value, our practice tests can be repeated as many times as needed, until you feel completely comfortable with the material and the format. And best of all, our WEST study guides are 100% online which means you can review and prepare on your own time, anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet-connected computer or our mobile app!

With our range of WEST-B or WEST-E/NES study guides, practice tests and informational resources, plus customized study scheduling to keep you moving, you can be confident that you'll have the highest quality tools at your disposal on your personalized journey to WEST success. Are you ready to begin seeing the results for yourself? Get started on Study.com with your free 15-question practice test! There's no obligation or risk to you, and no membership required. Try one today!

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