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Planning to take one of the Washington Educator Skills Tests (WEST)? Study.com now offers three WEST scholarships for prospective teachers preparing for their exams.

What is the WEST-B Test?

Individuals who are pursuing teacher certification in Washington State need to understand who is required to take the WEST-B and what it covers. Read on to learn about what's on this test and exemptions to the WEST-B.

What is the WEST-E Test?

WEST-E tests are used for teacher certification in Washington State. Read on to learn what subjects are covered and what types of questions test-takers will need to answer on their WEST-E exams.

WEST-E Test Scores

This article explains the WEST-E test scoring system and passing score requirements. You can also learn how the passing requirements are determined, when you'll receive your test scores and what's on the score report.

West-B Test Scores

WEST-B test-takers interested in finding out how the scoring system works, what score they need to pass and when they can expect to receive their results can find that information here.

Planning to take one of the Washington Educator Skills Tests (WEST)? Study.com now offers three WEST scholarships for prospective teachers preparing for their exams.

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The Washington Educator Skills Tests (WEST) are for Washington state educators seeking to gain professional certification (WEST-B) or a subject-based endorsement (WEST-E/NES) on an existing certificate. But no matter which version or subject of the WEST exam is currently in your sights, Study.com has the practical information you need for stress-free testing.

When you choose Study.com as your go-to WEST prep resource, you'll gain 24/7 access to our invaluable WEST informational resources. Any time you need to look up something about the test, all you need is a computer or a mobile phone for complete answers about what the WEST is and who needs to take it, as well as how to register for the WEST and what to do if you need special accommodations or a reschedule/retake. We'll bring you the most current testing fees and policies, helping you avoid any nasty surprises as you prepare to sit for your exam. And, our WEST Test Day Preparation page covers all the things you will need to bring with you (as well as the things you should leave at home), so you can arrive at the testing center with confidence.

Our informational resources also include a page of WEST tips and tricks that you can use to make the most of your preparation time. However, with a Study.com membership, you'll get a complete toolkit to help you achieve your WEST goals, fully contained within our WEST study guides. Each WEST prep course gives you a comprehensive rundown of the content you'll encounter on the test. Complex subjects are broken down into quick and engaging video lessons that are easy to fit into any schedule, and each lesson comes with short quizzes to check your progress every step of the way. To supplement your studies, you can challenge yourself with our WEST practice tests, specially designed to look and feel just like the real exam! We also provide additional support with our customized study planning tools that allow you to decide when you want to study and for how long.

With Study.com, you're getting the most complete WEST resources available in a flexible, accessible format. Getting started is easy and risk-free! Choose the WEST study guide you want and take a free 15-question practice test. At no further obligation to you, we'll tell you your strengths, your weaker points and the best places for you to begin your WEST preparations. So get started today! WEST success is waiting for you!

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