Practical Application: Creating Your Team Building & Coaching Action Plan

Instructor: Natalie Boyd

Natalie is a teacher and holds an MA in English Education and is in progress on her PhD in psychology.

In the ''Team Building and Coaching'' course, you've learned how to build and motivate a successful team at work. In this practical application, we'll look at how you can implement the lessons you've learned through the writing of an action plan.

Action Plan

An action plan is a roadmap for what you need to do to be successful. Think of it as a way to plan out how to implement all of the new skills you have learned in the Team Building and Coaching Fundamentals Course.

Tips for Building Your Action Plan

The questions in the template below will guide you to create your action plan. However, your action plan will only help you if the goals you provide for yourself are good ones. Here are some tips for crafting an action plan that allows you to be successful.

  • Make the steps in your action plan specific. The more specific, the better.
  • Look for ways to measure your success. If what you write down isn't measurable, consider revising it so that you know when you've achieved that goal.
  • Create achievable stretch goals. You should look for ways to stretch yourself; that is, don't make the steps in your plan too easy! On the other hand, they should still be achievable. Find the middle ground between too easy and too hard.
  • Set deadlines for yourself in the plan. These might be short deadlines, if the item is something you can do in a few days, or long-term deadlines, if it's something that will take months to accomplish.

Step 1. Understanding Successful Teams

The first thing you'll need to do is to understand the way that successful teams work. Some lessons to help get you started include:

Use the template below to start your action plan for understanding your team.

Question(s) Action Step(s): Specific steps I will take in response to the questions posed
How do I know if I have a team or a group? How can I make my employees into a team?
How can I demonstrate a coaching mindset?
How can I implement the GROW coaching model?
How do I communicate with my team? How do my team members communicate with each other?

Step 2. Inspiring & Motivating Teams

Next, you'll want to think about how you inspire and motivate your team members. Some lessons to help guide you in this section include:

Use the template below to continue your action plan by reflecting on inspiring and motivating your team.

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