Functions of the Premotor Cortex

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

The premotor cortex is an important part of the brain. Are you fluent on what it does? Read on to brush up on basic brain anatomy and learn about the premotor cortex.

The Amazing Brain

We know our brains are responsible for how smart we are and how well we do in school. Do you ever think about how much else your brain does? Every move you make, from involuntary functions, like blinking your eye, to voluntary ones, like watching this video, is conducted by the brain.

Scientists now know that different regions of the brain are responsible for different jobs; from the speech center to the motor center. All regions of the brain are amazing machines that rarely take a break. The premotor cortex is the region we'll focus on in this lesson.

Controlling Movement

Every move the body makes is due to the brain's ability to send signals to the right muscles. All of this happens in a part of the brain called the motor cortex region. The motor cortex has three main parts that each have their own job - the primary motor cortex, the supplementary motor area, and the premotor cortex. The motor region controls all voluntary movements, from planning them to carrying them out. Swinging a baseball bat, typing on the computer, or drinking water are all controlled in the motor cortex region.

Three areas of the primary motor cortex are seen here
motor region

The premotor cortex is located just in front of the primary motor cortex in the brain. Its job is to prepare the body's muscles for the exact movements the will make. In other words, it helps you control your movements. This morning you got up and dressed. You brushed your teeth and combed your hair. The premotor cortex allowed you to make choices about these movements. You squeezed toothpaste onto your toothbrush and not lotion due to the premotor cortex. It uses information provided by your senses, like seeing the toothpaste tube, to guide decisions.

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