Benefits of Integrated Marketing Communication

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  • 2:07 Competitive Advantage
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

If consistency is your thing, integrated marketing communication is your game! In this lesson, we'll explore several of the most important benefits of implementing an IMC strategy in business.

Integrated Marketing Communication

You don't have to look too far to find examples of companies using the internet, social media, print, and various forms of other advertising to get their brand message out. And no one does a better job of utilizing every channel at its disposal than the athletic shoe and apparel company Nike. Their message is a consistent one: ''Just Do It.'' Like climbing that mountain, flying to the hoop, or running that extra mile.

Nike's message isn't based on that message alone, but rather on how the company has successfully employed it. By integrating it in every advertising channel and customer touchpoint along the buying journey, Nike has reinforced its brand and kept its messaging consistent, building a loyal legion of followers along the way.

This approach, known in the marketing world as integrated marketing communication, is the new wave of marketing. The American Marketing Association defines integrated marketing communication (IMC) as a planning process to assure all brand contacts received by a customer for a product, service, or organization are relevant to that person and consistent over time. If done correctly, IMC can have numerous advantages for a brand. Let's review some of them.

Brand Reinforcement

What better way to achieve brand reinforcement than to use a single, unifying message to tie together what your brand or product is all about? Because consumers are hit with hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing messages daily, it's more important than ever for a brand to be recognizable from one platform to the next.

Luxury car manufacturer Porsche has been successful in implementing IMC campaigns to reinforce their brand messaging through the use of live events, mobile content (including geo-targeting consumers based on their location), radio broadcasts, short videos, and social media in an effort to appeal to a younger, more diverse audience. In each channel, the messaging for the car company was consistent: Porsche is not just a luxury purchase, but also an everyday car.

Competitive Advantage

Thanks to an integrated approach that makes brands instantly more recognizable, brands also enjoy a bump in consumer awareness that provokes a competitive advantage, or favorable company position. Think about it: if you use the same message across all of your advertising channels, when it's time to make a purchase, who will consumers think of? You, most likely. This puts your brand in a favorable position.

Amazon worked this to its favor with its annual Prime Day in July 2017. Robust integrated marketing about the event was everywhere you turned, from your email inbox to social media to Amazon's website. What it accomplished was a 60% increase in sales when compared to the same event in the previous year. Many consumers waited for Prime Day before making certain purchases (much like shoppers on Black Friday), which gave the internet retailer a definite competitive advantage.

Cost Effectiveness

Who doesn't like to save money? Not only do individuals, but brands do as well. Using IMC as a strategy has proven to be cost effective, or a good value, when it comes to advertising and marketing. Why? Because the creative team behind a campaign like GoPro's ''Be a HERO'' campaign can repurpose graphics, logos, and videos from one channel to another. The key to any IMC campaign is consistency, which is less expensive because different campaigns are not needed for each platform.

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